Truth is the Principle of being in congruence with what is, to the best of our knowledge, fact and reality. Truth is observable and testable. Truth is not speculative. Truth is something we can know. If we believe in something that cannot be directly verified, that is faith, but not Truth. Never confuse the two.

Truth is not property of reality. Do not mistake Truth as a description of reality. Truth is only our understanding of it. It evolves with our knowledge about the world around us. Truth is always factual to our knowledge. Anything that is not factual is not based in Truth.

Personal bias, political influence, and ignorance will distort Truth, creating Falsehood. Falsehood will often be presented deceitfully as Truth. This is known as “convenient truth”. We strive to know empirical Truth.

Truth is never self-contradictory. It is consistent. Truth is coherent with all other things we know to be true. It must not conflict with what we know about physics, mathematics, biology, astronomy, and so on. A truth remains unchanged when tested by any other truth. If two people hold conflicting ideas to be true, only one is the Truth. The other has been distorted. Truth is not an opinion.

Truth is a guide for our actions because it is a standard description of our world. It not only describes things but also events, ideas and the actions of others. The following Virtues are influenced by Truth: Honesty, Justice, Honor and Spirituality.