Sacrifice dictates we consider placing the needs of others over our own interests in order to promote a greater good or advance a worthy cause. Sacrifice is recognizing that we should not always be the focus of our actions.

Sacrifice means we understand we don’t need excess when others suffer in poverty. Instead of spending a few dollars every day on a latte, set that same amount aside and donate to a charity that is important to you each month.

We can sacrifice our time by volunteering for helpful organizations such as animal shelters or food missions. Sacrifice asks us to give of ourselves when we can to further the quality of life for those less fortunate. You don’t have to take a vow of poverty or neglect your own basic needs. You are not expected to “save the world” or contribute to every cause. You are expected to contribute back to the community in which you live, whether that is locally or globally.

Sacrifice is not wealth specific. Everyone can practice the virtue of Sacrifice. It is altruism. It is concern for the well-being of others as well as yourself. It is born of the Principle of Love and thrives on the Principle of Courage. Love others and have the courage to turn that love into actions that make a difference.