Love is the principle that guides us to relate to each other in a rational way. It allows us to respect everyone, in spite of our different beliefs. We experience love on a spectrum: romantic love, love for our families, love for our friends, and a greater love for all life.

Love is recognizing the legitimacy of all living things. We can disagree with each other’s thoughts and actions. We can disagree with each other’s beliefs and biases. This does not negate our underlying obligation to love one another.

Every type of Love is unlimited. If you have a child, you love her one-hundred percent. If you have a second child, you don’t love each of them fifty percent. You love them both one-hundred percent. Loving one person, even romantically, does not mean you are not able to love any number of others in the same manner. Do not restrict Love.

Love is the singular principle that defines the Virtue of Compassion. Love is a component for the Virtues of Justice, Sacrifice and Spirituality.