Honesty is absolute dedication to Truth. It begins with being true to yourself. It is your will to never knowingly deceive anyone. It is also your pursuit of Truth. Willful ignorance is dishonesty.

Honesty is the responsibility to fully take ownership of your actions and thoughts. Lies and deception are an affront to Truth. To follow the path of Honesty, you must be willing to live openly and transparently.

Be ethical in all your actions. Do not take advantage of others for profit or gain.

Be true to yourself. Be true to yourself every day. This is the core of Honesty. If you cannot be honest to yourself, you can never be honest to others.

Honesty requires you to understand the Principle of Truth. Truth is not reality. Truth is, to the best of our knowledge, a perfect description of reality. There is no shame in honestly believing something as True and then later changing that belief. Once you have evidence that your belief was false, you are obligated to change your belief to be in alignment with what you now know.

This is not an easy requirement. You may prefer the information you once knew to be true. You may want to ignore or even declare the new information to be a lie instead. It is your obligation to look honestly and critically at all information without a personal agenda. If you do not, you are deceiving yourself.

Inspect what is presented to you as Truth. Examine it with objectivity and intellect. You must not carry personal bias or defend any information that cannot bear your honest scrutiny. Likewise, you must not abandon Truth simply because it does not fit your desires. Desire only Truth. Do not align yourself with any other ideas.