Courage is the strength of will to face adversity. With Courage, we defend ourselves and others. A Courageous person has fear. It is facing fear that embodies Courage.

Courage is the will to defend others against injustice and violations of rights. Do not look away when you see others being harmed. Take whatever action you can to aid them. This action can be a direct intervention, or it can be to summon others to help when you cannot directly provide relief. Do not look away and think it’s someone else’s problem. You cannot know courage by closing your eyes to inequity.

Courage is what allows us to advance our knowledge of the world and each other. It means being willing to let go of old concepts and accept new understandings. You must not cling to any ideas that promote infringing unnecessarily upon others with the premise of “this is how it has always been”. Resisting advancement is false courage.

Courage is remaining disciplined in the face of opposition. Courage also means accepting loss. Courage is knowing how to admit defeat as well having the conviction to try again.

The Virtue of Valor is entirely dependent upon Courage. Courage is also a part of Sacrifice, Honor and Spirituality.