Compassion is governed entirely by the Principle of Love. All acts of Compassion derive from the empathy of Love.

Compassion guides us to provide comfort and assistance to the poor. It tells us to aid those in trouble and distress when we can do so. Compassion is the action of Love. We can feel pity, empathy, concern, sympathy, and so on, but feelings alone, no matter how strong you may experience them, are not Compassion.

To show Compassion, you must act. To show Compassion you must actively become involved in providing relief.

Acts of charity are an example of Compassion. Donate what you do not need to those who do. Volunteer your time to provide services of comfort to others. Others can be any form of life: the homeless, animals at a local shelter, environments that need to be cleaned of waste that endangers habitats, etc.

Regularly devote some of your time to Compassion. Seek out compassionate organizations that can use your help. Give of yourself freely and out of love. Do not expect anything in return. Do not seek recognition. Do not demand thanks. Give of yourself for nothing in return. Love does not need payment or compensation of any kind.