What is a Poly Kindred?

Polyamory is a word formed by the Greek prefix poly meaning “many” or “multiple” and the Latin word amor which means “love”. Polyamory is “loving many”. There are many variations of polyamorous relationships: solo-poly, triads, quads, open with metamours, and any other number of configurations that fit every different dynamic.

Ours is a poly kindred. This means we live communally with other poly people and those who may be in committed relationships with poly kindred members.

What exactly does that mean? It means that not all members of the kindred are romantically involved with each other. One person could have three loves in the kindred, but one of those three might be exclusive with only that one partner. Just as it is our choice to love more than one, it is also our choice as to who we are romantically and/or sexually involved with. Some members are non-monogamous while others may choose to remain monogamous. Being polyamorous doesn’t always exclude monogamy. Not all loving relationships include sex. An asexual person can still be poly.

Every member of the kindred supports all other members. We are all friends. We all share a common bond of trust and companionship. The key takeaway here is that everyone is ethical, open, and non-judgmental about each other’s consensual, honest and healthy relationship choices.

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