What heathens Are We?

Very simply, we’re spiritual people who fall under the broad umbrella of pagans. We don’t follow any one specific religion, but rather pick and choose what gods we choose to venerate. We are not anti-Christian, or against any other religion as we believe everyone has the right to worships who they want and in the manner of their own choosing.

We do not try to convert anyone. We will openly share our beliefs, but do not need you to subscribe to them.

Our tribe is heavily influenced by the Germanic mythologies of the Norse and Celts. We are earth spiritual, and live by a specific set of principles and virtues.

Our goals are also simple:

  • Live a good, honest and honorable life
  • Enjoy the world and the pleasures we find here
  • Respect nature, and be thankful for its gifts
  • Love those who seek it
  • Defend ourselves from those who would cause us harm

We embrace all races, all sexualities, all genders. We have no hate for those who are different from us in any manner. We are in no way associated with any group that espouses elitism or hatred for any other people.

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