Our Spiritual practice

Spirituality is one of the Eight Virtues that guide our tribe. Our practice is heathen pagan. We focus on health, having our needs met, love and guidance. We maintain shrines to the Virtues, are thankful for our good fortunes and seek divination through rune-casting. While we do not outright reject modern medicine, we tend to choose more natural herbal cures rather than relying heavily upon over-the-counter drugs for common ailments. We also provide shamanic mending for our souls.

Remaining connected to nature and each other is vital in maintaining a strong tribal spirit. We honor and are grateful for all aspects of our life: from the food we eat to the friends we have. Ceremonies can range from quiet and contemplative to passionate and hedonistic. We celebrate life. We celebrate each other. Our spiritual practice is our energetic bond to our world, our home and our tribe.

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