Your Book of Truth

How to Better Live By The Virtues Through Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is a useful habit. It allows us to record the small things in our day to day lives that will be lost to time. Very few people are able to recall every detail from a specific day ten years ago, or even one year ago. The symbol for the Principle of Truth is a book. To give this symbol a more material connection to you, keep a special Virtue journal that will become your personal Book of Truth.

I know we’re in the digital age, and I’m usually the first person to say use the cloud to store documents. But for this, I suggest an actual, quality journal that you physically write in. Your choice of writing instrument or instruments is totally up to you. I use black ink and colored pencils.

This is not like a typical diary or journal where you just write about your day. The entries here should be specifically about one or more choices you made that day that were the result of following the Virtues or even poor choices that you want to learn from and improve for the future. Writing is a powerful too for both expression and self-reflection.

This doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. Entries can be a couple of sentences: I was faced with this situation. I considered this Virtue, and I made this choice. Of course, the more details you offer, the more benefit you will receive from both the introspection during the writing, as well as insight gained through later reflection.

You are not limited to words. Draw images if you like. Color them. Be creative. The only rule is to focus on your thoughts and actions as they relate to the Virtues. This book should be the centerpiece for your shrine to the three Principles.

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