Value Humility over Charisma

Good charisma is not inherently negative, but history shows us that highly charismatic leaders are much more of a risk than humble leaders. If you want to be a quality leader, develop and focus on the virtue of Humility.

The humble leader knows their own weaknesses as well as their strengths. They build teams that are balanced. The humble leader does not look for those who mirror their abilities, but instead the seek others to complement them. This attitude can then spread across the organization as a whole.

Humility allows you to be open to new ideas and to accept feedback positively. The focus of the humble leader is not to acquire personal fame and recognition. The goal is honest, principled success through fostering of a positive project environment. Use humility to foster an open and more collaborative workspace.

Humble leaders listen more efficiently. The charismatic leader is more likely to be thinking of a response to further their own vision while others are talking. The humble leader understands they are not the smartest person they know.

The charismatic leader is convinced they know more than everyone else. The humble leader sees themselves as a shepherd, keeping the team on target while the charismatic hero sees themselves as a superhero who is to be credited for all success. When things fail, the humble leader will readily bear the responsibility and work hard to identify and correct the problems. The charismatic leader will search for others to blame and push off ownership of failure onto them.

Humility is not weak. It is associated with strong traits such as sincerity, modesty, fairness and authenticity. A humble leader is one that is more dependable and trustworthy because they do not tie leadership success to personal success. The charismatic leader will opt for high-risk and high-reward because they equate leadership success with being personally successful.

So while a charismatic leader can inspire our passions, the inspirational promises don’t have the stable foundation of a humble leader to see them through to fruition. It is the humble leader that will inspire cooperation and productivity, as the leader’s team gets behind the idea and not the person.

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